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About Kimberly Kupferer
Kimberly KupfererKimberly Kupferer is a private attorney specializing in criminal defense. She has extensive experience with juveniles and adults facing allegations of serious felonies which has earned her the respect of her colleagues, judges and prosecutors across the state.

Ms. Kupferer has developed the reputation of a tenacious advocate for her clients in Alameda County and beyond. Kupferer has the rare combination of being both a skilled negotiator and a very experienced and zealous litigator. She is known for her willingness to go the extra mile for her clients. That extra effort has proven over and over to make a huge difference in the final outcome for her clients. Beyond Kupferer's vast trial experience, she is also well known throughout the state as a teacher and educational speaker for other defense lawyers and even prosecutors. She is the former president of Women Defenders, a statewide criminal defense organization. She was also elected and served as President for the State Bars Criminal Law Executive Committee. Kupferer is Top "AV" Rated by legal expert Martindale-Hubbell.

Ms. Kupferer took her first criminal defense job as a law clerk with the Federal Public Defender in San Jose in 1986 and has practiced criminal defense ever since. She was named the Outstanding Woman Law Student at Santa Clara University in 1987 by the National Association of Women Lawyers. She also received the prestigious American Jurisprudence Award in Advanced Criminal Procedure and Immigration Law that same year. She also served as the President of the Women In Law Society. After a short stint as a Santa Clara County Public Defender, Kupferer took a job with the Alameda County Public Defender's Office where she remained for 15 years. Early in her career, Kupferer developed a reputation as an aggressive and successful trial litigator. In 1994, Kupferer was assigned to the Public Defender's elite homicide team, a position she retained until 2001. Having been promoted to a supervisor position in 1998, Kupferer became the head of the Juvenile East Division of the Public Defender's Office in 2001.

Ms. Kupferer went into private practice in 2003 where she has maintained a very successful small practice for the past 11 years.


Kimberly Kupferer strongly believes that having an experienced, dedicated and caring attorney who is not overwhelmed by a huge caseload can make an incredible difference in the outcome of a criminal case. As a result, Ms. Kupferer only takes select cases and does not carry a large caseload. Having an attorney who understands you and your case allows the lawyer to present the accused as a real person and not just another docket number. Ms. Kupferer personally appears in court with her clients and does not delegate cases to young, inexperienced associates.

When handling a case, Ms. Kupferer leaves no stone unturned. As a result, Kupferer has established herself as one of the winningest attorneys in the entire Bay Area. Having an attorney who is not afraid of going to trial can make a marked difference in the ultimate outcome of a case. Ms. Kupferer has a reputation in the Bay Area and throughout the state as a skilled and highly talented trial lawyer.

Ms. Kupferer is commited to providing individualized attention to each client in ways that overworked attorneys with too many cases cannot.


Kimberly Kupferer is a highly regarded 26 year veteran of criminal defense. Unlike most private defense lawyers, Ms. Kupferer has vast experience in successfully trying all types of criminal cases. Ms. Kupferer has a reputation as a tenacious, aggressive, caring and outstanding criminal defense lawyer in the legal community.

As a member of the Alameda County Public Defender's Office Kupferer was selected as a member of the elite homicide team where she remained for over 6 years. While on the homicide team, Kupferer handled over 60 murder cases and a wide variety of extremely serious sex and 3 Strikes cases. Also, as a Public Defender, Kupferer established herself early on as a highly skilled and talented trial attorney winning most of the over 70 cases she tried. As a Public Defender, Ms. Kupferer handled every type of case from misdemeanor driving under the influence to death penalty murder cases. During the same time, Kupferer was promoted to supervisor within the Public Defender's Office and supervised the Juvenile East Division of Alameda County.

Ms. Kupferer has continued with her successes as a private criminal defense attorney. Since entering private practice, Kupferer has won most cases that she has taken to trial, had cases dismissed and was even able to undo a serious felony conviction in a case that another lawyer tried. (See Recent Case Victories for more.)

Ms. Kupferer has developed a reputation for being a master at handling extremely serious cases. She has vast experience in handling complicated sexual assault cases. She is also an expert in handling murder and other serious felony cases and, in fact, routinely lectures to other attorneys around the state on such subjects.

Kupferer has also authored a chapter in the widely used CEB book, California Criminal Law: Practice and Procedure.


2004-2005 President, State Bar of California Criminal Law Executive Committee
2004 Vice-President, State Bar of California Criminal Law Executive Committee
2003 Secretary/Treasurer, State Bar of California Criminal Law Executive Committee
2001-2003 Member, State Bar of California Criminal Law Executive Committee
2000-2002 President, Women Defenders
1998-2003 Supervisor, Alameda County Public Defender
1994-2001 Member, Homicide Team, Alameda County Public Defender
1987 Outstanding Woman Law Graduate, Santa Clara University
1987 American Jurisprudence Award, Immigration Law
1986 American Jurisprudence Award, Advanced Criminal Law


1987 Law School: Santa Clara University, Juris Doctorate
1983 Undergraduate: Stanford University, BA Economics

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